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Stitchin' and bitchin' - Misadventures of a Nomadic Knitter

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February 12th, 2008

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10:41 am - Stitchin' and bitchin'
How strange is it to be amidst ten knitting women in a cafe? Starbucks, at that. I have only known two knitters in my life -- my mother and a Canadian aid worker friend that I met in Indonesia. Thusly, knitting has mostly been a solitary experience. In contrast, the communal clicking of needles is quite extraordinary!

I would guess that the youngest knitter was in her early twenties, and the oldest in her sixties. And the rest were evenly spaced in between. Most appeared to be intermediate knitters, and some more experienced knitters. But they didn't seem to be so fixated with establishing any knitcred (aka knitter's street cred), but appeared to be happy in the company of others who shared their passion. I like 'em.

On other matters, the long-awaited KnitPicks interchangeable needles have arrived. Now, I can't stop knitting...
Current Location: Canberra, Australia

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