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February 4th, 2008

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02:04 pm - Twisted Sister wisdom
The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook tells us, "An ugly roving can make a beautiful yarn!". But I was skeptical. Thusly, when this soysilk roving arrived by mail order, I was ready to throw it out. Unlike the rich and dark colours in the website photo, these were garish colours, including cotton candy pink! Not my style, I thought.

It was my mother who convinced me to spin it. "If it turns out really bad, you can always just make some bed socks with it," she said. So I spun it in a really half-hearted manner. Then lo and behold, after plying and setting, it turned out to be quite a sweet yarn:

And the contrast. Note how the colours of the yarn are much more muted and pastel than the colours in the roving. This experience has certainly been instructive for me in learning how to select roving.

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